How To Check Effectiveness of Your Security

If you have never had your home locks evaluated, now might be the time to do so. You can take it up on yourself to check the effectiveness of your security features and make sure that they will do the job they are intended to do. It doesn’t matter if you have had an intrusion or not, you should always make sure your home security is up to par. If you want to make sure that an attempted intrusion is not successful, you’ll need to know for certain where your home security may need to be replaced. You might not realize that your home is the prime target of a burglar until it is too late. Be prepared for anything by annually making the necessary changes to your home security features. You can do your part in making it as difficult as possible for a burglar to gain access into your home. A burglar isn’t looking for trouble. They want the least amount of effort needed to break into a home. If they feel as though your home posses a problem, they will often go elsewhere. 
When evaluating your home security features, such as locks, here are some things to consider:
Deadbolt Locks
This is the most durable type of lock that you can have. If you just have regular doorknobs on your door without the support of a deadbolt, your lock is more likely to be compromised. The deadbolt is another layer of security. Our locksmiths at Chesapeake Secure Locksmith in Chesapeake, VA encourage every homeowner to invest in deadbolt locks for all of their exterior doors. In addition to having a good deadbolt lock, you should be sure that a professional installs the lock. The lock will not be of much use to you if it is not installed correctly. The hold that the bolt will go into needs to be deep enough in order to do so, if it isn’t, it will not engage completely. When the bolt isn’t inserted all of the way, the lock will not completely engage. This means that the lock will be ineffective. It must be properly installed to reach maximum security. This is why so many people depend on the efficient services of Chesapeake Secure Locksmith.
Window Locks
This is probably the last thing that you are thinking about but we assure you that this is an area that should not be overlooked if you want to make sure your home is completely secure. Most windows simply have a standard latch lock. If you have a lock that doesn’t appear to be secure and another type of lock cannot be added to it, perhaps it is time to consult with a professional locksmith to see what can be done to improve the level of security for each window of your home. Remember, this is another way that intruders gain entry into your home.
Sliding Glass Doors
If you have a patio or deck, you probably have a sliding glass door. This is what we often call the forgotten door since most homeowners fail to remember to keep this door locked at all times. However, this is the one door that needs to be secured more than any of the others. This is because this door has the weakest lock, which means it can be compromised more easily. Since it is located in the rear of the home, people passing by your home do not easily see it. This gives an intruder all of the time they need to manipulate the lock and gain entry. There is only a latch lock that is placed on sliding doors. They are just there to keep the door shut not to offer real security. This type of door is not made of solid core materials. The material is thin and flimsy and can easily be lifted off its frame. A sliding glass door requires that another type of key also be applied to it. Something as simple as a door pin can improve your level of security. If you’re unsure about the type of lock to place on your sliding glass door, consult with a local locksmith today.
Just like your doors and windows, your gate should also be secured. This is especially true if the gate leads toward the rear of your home. There are some locks that we use on homes that we also install on gates. However, if you’re interested in a gate lock, there are also locks designed just for gates. It is your responsibility to make sure that the lock on your gate is strong and durable enough to keep out intruders. If they gain access to the rear of your home, they may more easily gain access into your home.
Change Locks When Moving
It doesn’t matter whether your moving from an apartment into a house or from a house into an apartment, you should always have your locks changed. The management company of an apartment building may tell you that they have changed your locks but in actuality all they did was transfer another lock onto your doors. This is still dangerous because someone, somewhere still has a key to your lock. Instead, you might want to buy your own lock to let them install. Keep up with all of your keys. If you have ever had to lend out keys to service providers, make sure you get all of the keys back. If you do not, you might need to rekey all of your locks to avoid a break-in. When you have lost a key, it is also a good idea to have the locks rekeyed.
Upgrade Existing Locks
If you have lived in your home for some time now and have never had the locks upgraded, you should consider doing this right away. An expert locksmith will be able to determine which locks are weakest and need to be upgraded. Heed their advice when looking for locks to upgrade your existing locks.

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It always happens to the “other person” until it happens to you! We are talking about the dreaded lockout situation that can occur at any time, day or night! Lockouts are no respecter of age, income, race or sex; they happen to us all at one time or another! Here at Chesapeake Secure Locksmith we offer some helpful tips on how to handle your next lockout situation. If you never need to use them; more power to you! If you do, stay calm and remember our advice. If you need our assistance getting back inside, we’ll be there. If not, and all works out; give us a call and tell us about it!
Lockouts happen all the time because locks are everywhere!
It’s a fact. Locks surround us at every turn! We have and use locks at work, at home, in our cars, at our businesses; everywhere! We might accidentally lock ourselves out of our bedroom at home, or out of our hotel room in another continent. Even movies and television shows film lockouts on comedies, spy features, crime dramas and documentaries. Lockouts happen because people are people; they make mistakes once in a while, and especially so when they are distracted or under stress.
Emotional rollercoaster
It really is! If you’ve ever been locked out, you know what we mean by this! First you are surprised; are you really locked out? Then you go through a series of different emotions like shock, fear, anger and even humor. How did this happen? Surely you are not really locked out? When reality sets in you start thinking about your options. Here’s where some people make the situation worse; they panic and react. This is never a good idea. 
Extreme emergency situations
These are the exception and not the rule! If you locked your keys in the car along with your dog, or small child, and it’s getting hotter by the minute then by all means call police or smash a window! Life or death situations are not what this post is all about. We are relating easy and simple ways to handle everyday lockout situations involving lost or missing keys or common forgetfulness that are not emergencies.
Keep your cool!
Yes, stay calm. Reacting to your lockout situation emotionally only makes matters worse. Not only does this hinder clear thinking, but it also attracts the wrong kind of onlookers. If a person that wants to take advantage of you sees you in distress, it is easy to offer fake help or even physically attack you in an effort to steal your purse, wallet or worse, all while pretending to care about your situation.
Don’t force your way in!
Sure, it’s your property so why not smash your way back inside? There are many good reasons to not do this. Broken windows and bent door or window frames will need to be repaired again and it IS your property so the cost will be yours to bear. Also, the risk of bodily injury is great when emotions run high and when shattered glass and bent metal are around.
Your neighbors and even family members might not even recognize you, and accost you, or even shoot you. There have been plenty of people mistaken for burglars (or worse) that have been harmed or even killed by well-meaning roommates, neighbors or police. Avoid tragedy by staying calm and resorting to the simple and smart tips we offer here.
Smart use of a spare key
Spare keys are actually a good idea! Many of our Chesapeake, VA customers have avoided a locksmith service call by simply making use of one during a lockout situation. It’s important to use your spare key in a smart way. Don’t leave it under the door mat or in the flower pot by the living room window! Instead, try hiding it in the backyard somewhere that is not obvious like a rain gutter or in the gas BBQ.
You can hide a car key this way as well. You can also give a key to a trusted neighbor, friend or relative. You will still have to call them but keeping them on the phone while they get to you also has a calming effect and helps the waiting time go by faster. It also gives you a potential witness in case you run into any kind of trouble while waiting for them to arrive.
Cell phone case
Some smart phone cases have a place where a spare key can fit. Most people are never far from their cell phones at any time. Many even sleep with them nearby, or under the pillow. Chances are, if you get locked out of your car, home or business, your mobile device will not be too far away. Whether you hide a spare key in your case, or just use your smart phone to call for help, you are making good use of modern technology to make your life safer.
Local management office
If you rent your home, office or commercial space, you can try calling the rental office for help. Many offer lockout services and all have spare keys on hand. This option is usually only good during business hours as no one will respond after hours or on holidays. 
If you have a local Chesapeake, VA business, you can try leaving a spare key with a neighboring commercial establishment. Do this only if you trust that person. You can actually put your business at risk if your spare key is known to be there and if the wrong persons use it to gain access to your premises.
Call a locksmith!
Don’t be afraid to call for help; professional help, that is. Most all full service locksmith shops in Chesapeake will offer 24-hour emergency service that includes lockout help for residential, commercial and automotive use. If you don’t have access to a spare key or if you don’t trust anyone else to hold one for you, it never hurts to simply call in the lockout experts who provide this service for all who need it.



It’s inevitable: A moment will come up at some point when things go wrong with locks and keys. Despite the fact that a talented locksmith will be available even if it’s after hours, it’s still better to be pro-active instead, so that you will prevent most mishaps.
Obviously, safeguarding your place of residence is vitally important. We all want our home to be a sanctuary, a safe space to feel comfortable and secure. Accordingly, it’s essential to keep your locks in tiptop shape. Make sure that your front-door locks ~ and any other exterior locks ~ are always properly working, with exceptional durability. You’ll keep your loved ones and valuables well protected when your locks are solid and resilient.
Points to Consider
a new home
Of course, if you move into a new home, you must replace your locks immediately. You never know which former residents may still be in possession of any of their old keys to your place, it’s critical that you change your locks.
new roommates or new tenants
If you rent out space in your house or apartment, or if you have any rental properties, the same rules apply. You must replace the locks, each time you switch occupants. Even if the last residents returned their keys to you, you cannot be completely positive that they didn’t keep some of their spare keys. If a break-in ever were to happen, you don’t want to harbor any doubts about former tenants.
lost keys
It may take awhile until you admit it, but if you know that your keys really are permanently lost, then you have to change your locks as soon as possible. All your outdoor locks, which could allow an intruder access, should be replaced. After these locks are completely secured, then replace any indoor locks in the order of your personal security preferences.
Depending on your living circumstances, if you feel vulnerable to an intruder for whatever reason, and you want to augment your home’s security, any locksmith experts worth their salt will advise you to put in deadbolts. Keep your property well fortified with the most durable locks.
rusty locks
You and your family go in and out your doors countless times a day, all day long. As time passes, locks will eventually wear out or even become rusty, which means they can easily break. If you notice any signs of rust, you’ll see that it’s difficult to get the key into the lock mechanism, or perhaps you can’t even turn the key at all. If this occurs, then replace the lock.
normal wear and tear
Rusted or worn-out locks are a huge weakness in your home’s security. They get increasingly hard to open as time goes by. They’re easier for a crook to break or pick. If any of your locks has bad tarnish or rust, or if you observe any other signs of wear, it’s probably time to replace it. If your lock is growing harder to open with your key day by day, especially in cold weather, then you ought to replace it.
combination locks
Are you always losing your keys? Then you might want to consider replacing your standard lock with a combination lock. A combination door lock can be opened using a code that you choose. If the combination input ever fails, or if you ever misplace or forget your code, don’t despair, because most combination locks also have a keyed lock. Change the combination if you ever think that its access could have been compromised, just as you would replace a regular lock if you lost your keys.
stuck keys
Your key can get stuck, or even break off, inside a lock mechanism. If there is any problem with an internal lock mechanism, a key will not slide into the lock as effortlessly as it ought to. If there’s any resistance when you turn the key, take it as a sign: It’s time to replace the lock.
damaged locks
If your locks are ever tampered with, vandalized, or in any way damaged, then new locks are required. Don’t take any risks with your security! Replace your locks now. Don’t keep a damaged lock for any significant length of time, because it will make you susceptible to additional problems, and also make it easier for a thief to get in.
If the worst happens, and you are robbed, it’s imperative that you instantly replace your locks. The force involved in the process of a break-in will compromise the integrity of the lock mechanism. A damaged lock will also put you at a greater risk of another theft. Furthermore, mechanical failure can easily leave you locked out. You never know if your keys might have fallen into the wrong hands. Replace all your locks as soon as you can.
peace of mind
Your locks don’t necessarily have to display any visible signs of damage for you to have to replace them. Over time, you may not be able to recall how many neighbors, friends, and family have been given spare keys. Thus, to expand your level of security, it’s a good idea to periodically replace the locks to maintain your home. You’ll have peace of mind, knowing that you’re keeping your possessions and loved ones perfectly safe.
going digital
Have you been thinking about going high-tech? Then replace all your traditional locks with digital door locks. It’s an ideal way to secure your home, without needing to have keys at all. Keyless locks have opened new horizons in home security technology. They work with remotes or smart devices; alarm systems with remote codes; biometrics; keypads; and so forth. Once you get accustomed to it, keyless locks are relatively easy to use. Most include an attractive array of features that provide additional convenience and safety.
If you’re anywhere in Chesapeake, Virginia, and you need to find a trusty professional locksmith, you ought to consider hiring a staff mobile expert locksmith of Chesapeake Secure Locksmith.


Transponder Key Problems

If you have a car that was made after the mid-1990s, then you very likely use a transponder key. What exactly is a transponder key? First of all, it is made up of the word transmitter and responder. It uses a microchip in its head and can be utilized to operate the vehicle. 
But you might be wondering – how do transponder or chip keys work? The simple answer is that the chip fitted into the head of the key releases a radio frequency that is a match for a pre-programmed ignition code. Without the right signal, the door will not open or power on. This is a good theft-deterrent, and it also makes your vehicle more convenient for you. Of course, with any piece of technology, things can eventually go wrong or malfunction. Here we have outlined some of the common issues that can arise with transponder keys. Chesapeake Secure Locksmith in Chesapeake, VA frequently deals with problematic transponder keys, so if you are in the area we can help you. If not, we are confident that you will still find this information to be useful. Have a look if you are dealing with a transponder key that isn’t working! Here are common issues that arise with transponder keys and what you can do to fix them:
1)      Your battery is dead.
This is not an uncommon transponder key problem at all. As a matter of fact, it is likely the most common. If your transponder key uses a battery, then this information might be applicable to you. You have a sure sign your transponder key battery is draining fast if you have to press the button on your key multiple times for it to do its job. If you have a spare key and that one works, then you know that it is a dead battery or at least a battery that is draining quickly.
2)      Your transponder key is nowhere to be found. 
This is something that happens to the best of us. Maybe you were walking around the grocery store, and you went in with your key, but now your key is nowhere to be found. You search the aisles and in the produce section – you search everywhere – but you can’t find the key. Perhaps it was stolen, or perhaps it was mistakenly thrown out. So many things can go wrong, and sometimes it’s just that we are forgetful. But if you can’t find your transponder key, then you will need to have a new one programmed. It is best to turn to a locksmith in this scenario, as locksmiths who handle automotive solutions are usually able to offer transponder key duplication and programming. Of course your dealership can do this too, but a locksmith is sure to offer a better deal. There should be a chassis number for your vehicle which will be located in the registration paperwork. It’s definitely a job that is best handled by a professional. 
3)      Your transponder key stopped transmitting the right signal  
If a vehicle isn’t receiving the correct transmission, then your transponder key will fail to do its job. If this is what is happening to you, then the transponder key needs to be reprogrammed so that it is a match for the vehicle. An expert can handle the job. 
4)      You have a damaged chip. 
If you have tried to replace the battery or even reprogram the key, but you aren’t getting any different result at all, then perhaps the chip is damaged. When this happens, unfortunately, you typically have to buy a brand new transponder key. It is important to have the old key deactivated. A locksmith will be able to assist you or you can head to your dealership.
Allow a locksmith to deal with any and all transponder key problems!
A qualified, licensed and insured auto locksmith professional will be able to assist you with transponder key concerns. This is important for the security of your vehicle. It is important to hire a company that is licensed and insured when they will be handling your personal belongings. You should also know that most locksmiths are able to provide emergency assistance. So you can reach them 24 hours a day in the event last minute help is needed.  
Here are some things to look into when you are contacting an automotive lock and security provider for the job: 

  • The locksmith should have license and insurance information available to provide evidence that they have done everything according to state and industry expectations. 
  • The locksmith should have excellent reviews
  • A price estimate should be provided upfront and free of charge

Transponder keys are convenient but they can prove to be problematic at times. This doesn’t mean that you are going to have to deal with problems like being unable to get into your vehicle or being unable to start your car. When you notice signs of an issue, for instance, when you notice that the transponder key battery is starting to die, be sure to take care of it fast. If you misplaced your key, call a professional as soon as you realize this is the case. The faster you handle issues that come up, the faster the problem can be resolved. Here at Chesapeake Secure Locksmith, we help locals with all sorts of automotive services in Chesapeake, VA, to include break in repairs, ignition cylinder replacement, and so much more. Talk with a lock and security provider in your location to learn more about the options which are available to you. No matter what you drive, whether it is a Mazda, Kia, Toyota, Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, Ford, BMW, Lexus or any other major brand, a lock and security expert should be able to provide you with the assistance that you are looking for, at a rate that is affordable. Thanks for learning more about transponder key problems and what to do to fix them!

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Useful Information About Home and Business Locks

It definitely doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what type of lock sot have installed.  However, it is recommended by the locksmiths of Chesapeake Secure Locksmith, that you put some serious thought into the type of locks you have installed. This is because your safety and security is at stake. You can’t afford to make the wrong choice when it comes to your home or business locks. Your home is where you should feel the safest and your business is an important investment that should be protected. With so many different types of locks that you can choose from, it is easy to find a lock that will suit your needs. No matter how much time it might take for you to find the lock that you feel will offer you the most protection, we are certain that you’ll be able to get the lock that you want and need. If you decide to do some research to find out more about the types of locks you have to choose from, why not start by reading the rest our this article. We have highlighted some of the most commonly used locks used today.
Rim Locks/Mortise Locks
These are the locks that are found most often on apartment doors and commercial businesses. You will notice some similarities between the two types of locks but they have different hardware. The mortise lock offers you more options since is comes in different lengths and cams. This is based on its hardware. A rim cylinder lock is often installed on the interior of the door. A long piece comes out of the back and eventually connects with the locking mechanism. The mortise locks hardware is locked inside. It uses a cam to connect the lock and is screws keep it together.
Deadbolt Locks
The deadbolt lock is offered in single, double or thumb turn lock. Most homeowners opt to have the single cylinder lock installed. The key cylinder is on the outside of the door and the thumb turn is inside. This is what helps you to turn and open the door. You need a key to open the door from the inside. The double cylinder deadbolt lock is keyed on both the inside and outside of the door. It requires a key to open it from either side. Some people find this to be a problem in emergency situations since it requires that both keys are always available to unlock the deadbolt. In the event that one deadbolt lock is lost, you might find yourself in a serious predicament that you can’t get out of. Choosing a double deadbolt lock should be given serious consideration. A thumb turn lock has both a single and a double cylinder. It can be locked with a key.
There is no doubt why someone would ever use a padlock; they are sturdy and durable. However, this is not a permanent lock that is installed, rather, it is applied to a door. This means it can be easily removed from wherever it is. Some are keyed lock and others require a combination to open. The combination padlock requires a set code be arranged. Once the right combination is made, the lock will disengage. Some are rekeyable and others are non-keyable. The rekeyable lock means that you can change the key that opens it. You are unable to change the key when it is non-rekeyable.
Knob Locks
Again, this is one of the locks that you will usually find located on residential doors. This isn’t the type of lock that should be used as your only lock or main lock. The lock cylinder is actually situated in the knob. This means it can be rather easy to break. Even if you recognize a knob lock on the outside of someone home, we suggest that this type of lock only be installed inside your home (exterior doors). The lock that we recommend be used with the knob lock is a deadbolt lock.
Lever Handle Lock
The lever handle lock is often applied to the inside of a commercial business door. They give customers an easy and convenient way to simply push the door to open it. It offers a seamless entrance and exit process, which comes in handy when there is a lot of foot traffic.
Wall Mounted Lock
The wall-mounted lock is another type of lock that is often used for commercial businesses. This type of lock is most often installed while the building is being erected. Some of them also come with an alarm sensor that notifies you in case unauthorized entry is detected.
Interchangeable Core Cylinder Lock
This type of lock affords businesses convenience. The lock can be rekeyed without taking the entire key apart. Only the core would need to be replaced in order to change this type of lock. There are also two keys used to open this type of lock, a standard key and a control key. The ability to change the hardware of the lock also makes it convenient. This is the type of lock that you can’t install a deadbolt lock with. They don’t usually work together.
Rim Latch Locks
This type of lock has a rim latch on one side with a surface mount latch on the other side. This is the type of lock that is often installed on apartment doors. It shouldn’t be used as your only lock; a deadbolt should also be applied alongside it.
Again, when choosing a lock to have installed, be sure that you are familiar with your options so that you can maximize your level of security. When it comes to you safety and security, you’re lock is the first point of defense. You shouldn’t feel unsafe inside your own home and you don’t have to as long as you have the right locks installed by a trustworthy and reputable locksmith company in Chesapeake, VA like Chesapeake Secure Locksmith. You can never be too cautious when it comes to your security.

Aricle source here: Useful Information About Home and Business Locks

Escaping The Car Lockout: 5 Car Lockout Scenarios You Might Find Yourself In



If you have ever been stuck in a lock out, you know just how frustrating and time consuming it can be. There are many unforeseen circumstances that can throw you in the midst of such precarious situations and none of them are exactly pleasant. Let’s take a look at some of the common car lockouts that occur and we’ll show you how to bypass each and every one. After all, we are here to help you out, even if it’s to help you escape from a car lockout.

1. Losing Your Keys At Home

Today is Monday, and your body is gradually recovering from having an awesome weekend hanging out with your friends. You guys don’t get to see each other as much as you used to, so you cherish every moment of it and have fun. Well, the fun’s over now and you have to get back to work. You’re having a slow morning so if everything works out ideally you should arrive at work just on time. Going through your regular routine helps shake off sleep: shower, get dressed, eat breakfast and grab everything you need for work before you walk out the door. After all this, you finally start to feel like you’re awake, maybe Monday won’t be so bad after all. Silently, you’re wishing that the traffic on the road won’t be so bad either because you’re on the verge of being late, but if you get there right on time then you’re not late (grey areas). Let’s do this! You’re standing outside now, hands rummaging through your pockets/purse/backpack/ trying to find your keys. “I know I grabbed them after I had breakfast”, you say to yourself, but did you?

You look at the time and see that you’re running late. In addition to this, you can’t find your car keys. Like any sane person would, you run back into your house/apartment frantically looking for where you put them last. Where did you put them? Where could they be? After searching and scouring through every plausible location, you resign yourself to the fact that maybe, just maybe, you have lost your car keys. The frustration begins to set in, gradually, and then all at once. By now, you’re late for work so you have to call in and say you’re going to be late and that’s not a good look. Breathe In, breathe out. Try and stay calm because there is a solution to your problem.

2. Losing Your Keys at Work

You have been waiting for this day all week, practically salivating at the thought of it, and you deserve the fact that it is finally here. No one can take that away from you. You worked all week to make it to Friday and it’s finally here. Today wasn’t a bad day at all either. Work was great and you got the chance to grab coffee with that attractive person on your break. The wave you’re on right now isn’t crashing anytime soon. It’s time to go home and get the weekend started right. Goodbye work, see you on Monday. You feel triumphant walking out of those doors, you feel unstoppable and seeing your car in the parking lot ready to whisk you away to freedom lifts your mood higher than it already is. Time to go! Your hands reach into your pocket/purse/briefcase and pull up nothing but air. Everything abruptly slows down, that high of excitement you were on ebbs away faster than it came, and you’re left with the stark realization that your weekend has come to a halt.

The next logical step is to retrace your steps and try and figure out where you left your keys. They’re not in your office or the break room or even the bathroom. The plans you had of starting your weekend off right slowly fade into oblivion as it dawns on you that you might be in the parking lot for a while because you’ve lost your car keys.

3. Locking Your Keys In The Car

Your job is of the utmost importance to the foundations of love, without you, people couldn’t be married. You’re the officiating minister and you have been ordained by God and state to bind people together for life (as depressing as that sounds). Today is another day on the job where you get to enjoy the blossoming of young love and you want to be there on time to make sure the wedding goes off without a hitch. While driving you realize you need to stop to get some more gas and also probably grab a quick gift to give to the happy couple, and use the bathroom while you’re at it. Nothing worse than needing to go in the middle of someone’s vows. You pull up to the closest gas station you can find and park next to the first available pump. Stepping out of your car, you make sure you press the manual lock button because you pride yourself on safety, and you’d rather not make it easy on anyone who is trying to break into your car. You take about three steps before you realise something is wrong. The sound of the familiar jingle of car keys doesn’t happen with each of those steps. Walk forward one more step…no sound. Ok, walk back one step…still no sound. You slowly turn around and walk up to your car window, not wanting to look inside for fear of what you might find there.

There your keys are, resting serenely on the driver seat waiting for you to grab them. The only problem is, you locked the car door. Don’t freak out, I mean, of course, the wedding is drawing closer and you are a vital part of it, but don’t freak out. Breathe in, breathe out, and calm down. A thought hits you like a brick, and your spirits rise for just a brief second, you have a spare key! Oh, nevermind, it’s in the glove box. Now you can freak out just a little.

4. Locking Your Keys In The Car While The Engine is Running

Supporting local businesses is a part of who you are. You firmly believe in the foundations of entrepreneurship and hard work, and so you strive to support establishments with these ideals as much as you can. This is the reason why you are currently in your car en route to this rather outstanding taco shop at midnight. See what I mean by hard work? How many establishments are still open at midnight? Before you know it you’re there and the only thing on your mind are those carne asada tacos you could smell a mile away. Staying warm is also on your mind because it’s really cold outside. You park and decide to leave the car running so that the heat can continue circulating while you order and wait on your tacos. Muscle memory kicks in as you put the car in park, grab your wallet and lock the car manually so no one can make off with it. As you step out and the door closes behind you, a thought occurs. It was probably sparked by the quiet yet deafening sound of the door closing. Your car is on, it’s still running, which implies that your keys are in the car. That’s not really a problem, except you remember you locked the car as a force of habit. It’s after midnight, the air is filled with the smell of carne asada tacos. It’s cold outside and you are locked out of your car while the engine purrs happily in the background. These things happen.

5. Breaking Your Key In The Lock

Bob is a rather infuriating person. He may not realise it but he is, and you gave him a piece of your mind. Good for you! He deserves to know how you feel, maybe that will teach him to trivialize your feelings. Regardless of what you said, he is an infuriating person, and as such you are quite frustrated and on the verge of being angry. You “woosah” to yourself a few times to calm down even though it has very little effect. Well, it’s time to go, the sooner you get in your car and drive away, the faster you’ll calm down. You can see your car from the other side of the parking lot and that helps relax you a little bit, but you’re still mad at Bob. As you continue to walk to your car, you pull out your keys and press the unlock button on your keys to open the car before you get to it. It normally gives off a little *chirp*chirp* when you hit the button. This time around, it greets you with silence. That’s perfect, Bob is annoying, and now so is your car. It decides today is the ideal day for the battery in your key fob to die. Fine, you’ll do this the old school way and use they key to open the door.

Inserting the key into the locking mechanism feels completely foreign to you, since it’s not something you do very often. You turn the key and you’re greeted with a lot of resistance that shouldn’t be there, but then again how would you know? You hardly use the key to open the door. In that moment all your issues pile on top of each other and you would really like to catch a break: from Bob, from your dead key fob and from the traditional key not turning in the lock. You turn the key harder as your emotions rise and ultimately hear a resounding click. Eureka! You managed to do it. Wait, actually you didn’t. You just broke your key off in the lock. Oops.

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